M3 Excel Generator

Top rated 3´rd party application in the M3 community

Consebo M3 Excel Generator solves the problem of getting standard printouts/reports from Movex/M3 directly to a format that is usable instead for a static PDF or paper print.

In M3 Excel Generator unlike traditional solutions where data is normally fetched from SQL or ODBC and advanced programming skills are needed, you  design your own layouts directly in Excel using your M3 data fast and efficient.

The usability of e.g. financial printouts/reports increases dramatically when you get the data represented as Excel instead of PDF.

With the M3 Excel Generator you get perfect formatted Excel documents with your companies look and feel.

  • Fully Customizable graphics

    Use your Corporate colors and logos

    Inventory list

  • All Excel design functions available

    User Sorting, Filtering and Formatting and even macro´s

    Inventory list

  • 100% Integrated with M3

    Totally integrated with MNS204, MNS205. Users print just as normal, no additional setup on server.

  • Low implementation time

    Normal implementation time under 8 hours.

  • Advanced Filter handling

    Add whatever customizations to your stream as wanted by using our advanced filter techniques.

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